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ELDOMY is a family owned and operated joint stock company established in October of 1998 in Egypt. The majority shareholder and Chairman Mohamed Eldomy graduated from the faculty of Electrical Engineering (Helwan University) class of 1966/1967 and started his professional career with Arab Contractors. ELDOMY has highly qualified specialists in countries like Australia, Austria, Denmark, Germany, Greece, Spain, Sweden, Finland, USA, Canada, Russia, Egypt and Sudan. The collective knowledge of the affiliated members amounts to decades of experience in agriculture, engineering, contracting, economic development, education, and project management. 

ELDOMY ENGINEERING OFFICE has been established, since 1983 in Cairo, Egypt, as a sole proprietorship by the founder Eng. Mohamed Eldomy. Initially, ELDOMY’s value proposition was geared towards providing innovative consulting and project management services for various clients in strategic industries such as oil and gas, energy, transport/logistics, aviation, and construction.  

ELDOMY COMPANY for INDUSTRIAL & TRADING PROJECTS S.A.E. has been established since 5th of July, 1998, to act as the holding company for ELDOMY’s subsidiaries, investments, joint ventures, and partnerships. The majority shareholder and chairman have been Eng. M. ELDOMY. Over the past four decades, ELDOMY Group® has diversified into several industries and markets. Our core engineering, design, project management, heavy equipment, trade and investment, and education portfolio has expanded to include affiliated offices, OEMs, universities, and partners in Austria, Canada, Denmark, Egypt, Finland, Germany, Greece, Russia, 


(The heavy equipment division has over 35 years of mechanical, electrical, and hydraulic design, preventative maintenance, and service experience. The highly qualified engineers and certified technicians are able to provide engine, transmission, the original spare parts availability is crucial for our team’s ability to address maintenance, troubleshooting, and repairs that customers require. ELDOMY represents the following manufacturers in Egypt;)

1- Mining Equipments - BELAZ®

A world leader in mining equipment with an outstanding 65 years of design and manufacturing of heavy-duty and super-size load capacity dump trucks. 

2- Construction Equipment - Concrete Pumps 



  • Renewable Energy – TBEA®
  • Waste Water Management - RAMBOLL®

Egypt faces economical and environmental challenges due to the following; 1) limited water supply; 2) mismanagement of natural resources; and 3) lack of technology and know-how (i.e. proper utilization of existing wastewater treatment solutions). The economic and social development efforts in Egypt are hampered by shortage in water and energy supply and rising demand from agriculture, industrial, commercial, public, and residential sectors. The fundamental issues related to water and wastewater policies in Egypt can be addressed as the following;

  • Waste is considered by most governors and city officials as a burden; not as an income generation opportunity. 
  • Lack of accountability, leadership, and long term vision.
  • Natural resources & the environment are taken for granted.

ELDOMY’s approach to these challenges has been to identify the right partners with proven track record and innovative technologies. Ramboll, as a sustainable society consultant, is considered one of the world leading innovator, engineering, and consultancy firm. RAMBOLL ENERGY® concepts include environmentally friendly solutions for wastewater treatment. The Biogas produced from RAMBOLL Technology can be used to power vehicles of all kinds, as well as electric power generation and purification of wastewater for different residential and agricultural reuse purposes. 

Please feel free to learn more at (link to Presentation Ramboll®)

Please visit 

  • Oil Services – Tank Cleaning - Oreco®

Kindly find the following general assessment of the most highly advanced, effective, safe, and economical solution, for future reference, which is the only available technology in the market that is fully closed loop no-man entry system designed specifically for tank cleaning and handles all tank cleaning processes in one integrated process (desludging, water washing and separation).

Oreco is the global leader, with a state of the art technology used by the world leading oil & gas companies such as Shell, BP and Exxon Mobile, has been developing highly advanced  technology and systems that have proven track record for more than 25 years in multiple regions around the world such as Far East, Australia, Europe, South America, North America, Middle East and Africa. Furthermore, Oreco’s system is built to the most stringent HSE requirements in the oil and gas industry and significantly reduces the risk to both operational staff, equipment and environment. The system submitted in the tender is fully Ex certified - ATEX or similar (equipment designed for operation in Zone 0, Zone 1, Zone 2 and Safe Zone). For further information please feel free to visit   

In addition, the technology provided by Oreco meets oil recovery minimum rate of 95% from the entrapped oil in the sludge removed as a built in process, meets stringent requirements for Bottom, Sediments and Water (BS&W) measured as ASTM D473 and ASTM D4006, equipped with gas monitoring with automatic Emergency Shut Down (ESD), both for tank and equipment atmosphere, overall process time for fully automated systems, including desludging, water washing, separation and final detailing is 5-8 times faster than other solutions available in the market including manual cleaning practices and Semi-automated systems (e.g. robots also require man entry, considerable time consumption for both desludging and final detailing activities, and higher risk of default). Lastly, Oreco’s system are built with hydraulic driven spray nozzles, not media or air driven nozzles, therefore, the nozzles are remotely controlled and programmable (PLC controlled). Thus, the ability to individually control the operation of each nozzle allows for process time reduction and significantly higher security in the performance of the most challenging tank cleaning jobs

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Eldomy Engineering Office was established in 1984 by our chairman Eng. Mohamed-Elamir Eldomy based in Cairo, Egypt, initially operating in the field of consulting services and project management for various clients in strategic industries such as oil and gas, energy, transport/logistics, aviation, and construction/ building materials.

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